The rum distillery on the Skeoch Estate Diamond in Prince Quarter, Frederiksted was equally referred to as either Diamond Distillery or Cruzan Rum Distillery.

From 1936 to 1944, St. Croix Sugar Cane Industries, Inc. was a corporation.

In 1944, it became a partnership d/b/a St. Croix Sugar Cane Industries.

In 1953, it reverted back to a corporation, St. Croix Sugar Cane Industries, Inc..

Between 1944 – 1964, “Diamond Distillery”, “Cruzan Rum” and “St. Croix Sugar Cane Industries” were used interchangeably as a business name on an informal basis.

The investors and owners of St. Croix Sugar Cane Industries were:

1936 – 1941: Malcolm M. Skeoch, Malcolm K. (Harry) Armstrong, Victor Gibean, Robert S. (Selwyn) Fleming, and Howard M. Wall.

1941: Gordon M. Skeoch bought Victor Gibean’s shares. Gibean left, and G. Skeoch joined the above remaining investor/ owners.

1941-1953 Malcolm Skeoch, Selwyn Fleming, Malcolm (Harry) Armstrong, Howard Wall, and Gordon M. Skeoch.

1953- 1959: Gordon Skeoch, Cedric (Ceddie) Nelthropp, Miles M. Skeoch, and Warren H. Young.

1959-1961: Gordon Skeoch, Cedric Nelthropp, Miles Skeoch, Donald C. (Hardy) Nelthropp, and Warren Young.

1961: 80 % of St. Croix Sugar Cane Industries, Inc. was sold to Schenley Industries, Inc.. The above investors retained 20%.

1964: The remaining 20% was sold to Schenley.

After 1964, the Cruzan Rum operation was unofficially referred to as either Cruzan Rum, or, VIRIL (Virgin Islands Rum Industries, Limited). It was sold several times to off-island owners, but retained the same local managers.

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