Cruzan-Rum-LogoGwendolyn E. Skeoch, daughter of Gordon M. Skeoch, and granddaughter of Malcolm M. Skeoch, practically grew up at Diamond Distillery on Estate Diamond. Her grandparents lived on Estate Diamond. In addition to being a frequent visiting site for the grandchildren, Diamond was also the center of all holiday and family celebrations. On that same estate, Gwen’s father, Gordon, ran the family business, Cruzan Rum, in its entirety, which had been founded in 1934 by his father, Malcolm, along with Malcolm’s two nephews, R.S Fleming, and M.K. Armstrong, plus a fourth investor, V. Gibean. Miles M. Skeoch, Gordon’s younger brother who lived at Diamond until the mid 1950’s helped out at the distillery and bottling plant as a child, and, as an adult, oversaw the barreling and bottling plant division of Cruzan Rum.

From early childhood until their early 20’s, Gwen and her sisters were privy to many of the Cruzan Rum discussions held in family style over meals at home with their parents. The memories and appreciation of their family’s legacy mandated the following attempt to correct the erroneous “rewriting” (over approximately a 20 year span beginning in the mid 1990’s) of the Cruzan Rum history.

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