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Thank you for your interest in  The Historical Origins of “Cruzan Rum”.
This website is intended to identify and correct some misconceptions about Cruzan Rum that are floating around in Cyberspace, as well as on some Cruzan Rum products suffering from overly ambitious and “creative” marketing.
This is a factual account based on accompanying supporting legal documents.
The author is a granddaughter of the original owner and founder of Cruzan Rum, and the daughter of his son who is credited with building Cruzan Rum from a family pot still business into a modern day rum company.  She has personally witnessed and been a part of much of this history.

Cruzan Rum was created by the Malcolm M. Skeoch family in 1934, on their family’s residential and working estate, Estate Diamond, in Frederiksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.   It remained in the Skeoch family until 1961, and under their direct management from its inception  until 1964, and tangentially until 1976.
The following is the journey of a defunct pot still factory, bought by Malcolm Skeoch in 1910 when St. Croix was part of the Danish West Indies, and that factory’s transformation into a sophisticated rum distillery, as it battled the vicissitudes of Prohibition and the Depression after St. Croix was bought by The United States in 1917.

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